What Is An If Bet?

When you’re sifting through the betting options in your sportsbook account, you might come across “if bets.” It’s a great option for bettors hoping to diversify from the usual spread bets, moneylines, and totals.

What Is the Vigorish / Juice?

What Is the Vigorish? Those new to sports betting will quickly hear talk of the juice, vig, vigorish, or cut. Whatever you want to call it, the vigorish is the fee bookmakers charge you for the privilege of placing a bet. While the basic concept of the vig is quite simple, it’s crucial that you […]

Grand Salami Betting

Grand Salami Betting (Everything You Need to Know) While it sounds like the ideal sandwich to order at the local deli, the Grand Salami is also, in fact, a popular prop bet in sports betting. The Grand Salami is an interesting twist on traditional totals betting. It’s a bet that’s only available in either baseball […]