What Is Courtsiding?

Courtsiding might sound like something Jack Nicholson does at Los Angeles Lakers home games. But to sports bettors and bookies, the term has a completely different meaning.

What Happens with a Push?

Wondering what a push is and how it will affect your sports bets? Quite simply, a push is what happens to your bet when the event you wager on results in a tie.

Using Key Numbers

Key numbers in sports betting can help you gain an edge over the sportsbook. You just need to know which ones to look for.

Understanding Expected Value & Variance

Expected Value & Variance in Sports Betting Expected value is the mathematical foundation of any smart sports bet. After you get past the basics of understanding point spreads and moneylines, and dive a little deeper into sports betting strategy, you’ll often hear people talking about expected value – EV, for short – and the perceived […]

What Are Betting Exchanges?

Just like sportsbooks, betting exchanges allow bettors to wager on the outcome of games, seasons, and generally all of the same propositions offered by sportsbooks. Indeed, betting exchanges are basically the same as sportsbooks, except for a couple of key differences.

What Is An If Bet?

When you’re sifting through the betting options in your sportsbook account, you might come across “if bets.” It’s a great option for bettors hoping to diversify from the usual spread bets, moneylines, and totals.

Dead Heat Betting

There are many times when sports betting seems like the easiest form of gaming. With sports betting, it’s just one side wins or the other, right? While that’s mostly the case, there are some rare occasions where ties (pushes) come into play. In sports betting parlance, these are called dead heats.